Public Facilities in Western Australia

Information Centre

Qualeup Hall

Water Drinking

Public Toilets


Babakin Hall

Public Toilets Miss B Park

Toilets And Showers

Scarborough Sunset Hill Public Toilets

Toilet And Cold Shower

Jolimont Laundry & Laundrobar


Collie Mineworkers Memorial Pool

Liberty Fuel Station

Kalgoorlie Airport Free Shower

Cold Water Showers Bunbury

Toilet Block And Parkland

Cold Water Showers $ Tap

Public Toilets

Public Toilets On Side Of Council Bldg

Bunkers Beach Housr

Public Toilets And out-Door Cold Shower

Water Taps

Kalamunda Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Recreation Oval

St Margarets Church

Lecker Wasser

Beach Showers

Drinking Water

Beach Shower

Recreation Centre

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Diprose Park Public Toilet

Toilet Block & Outdoor Shower

Free hot Showers

Toilet At Rear

Bridgetown Memorial Park

Public Toilets Bunburry Jetty

Water Point

Toilets and Cold Shower

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilet

Unisex Toilet & Hot Shower

Public Toilet & cold outdoor shower

Preston Beach Toilet Block & Outdoor Shower

Nice Swim-Bar-B-Q Area

Nickol West Oval

Public Toilet & Tap

Laverton Aquatic Centre

Shell/coles express

Shower & Toilet at 62THIRTY Cafe & Bar

Mount Helena Aquatic Centre

Rainwater Str8 From Da Top

Nabawa Cemerty Public Toliet

Public Toilets

Public Toilet Sbin Serpentine Cemetery

Varley Toilets

Water Fountain and bottle Refill

Public Toilets

Disabled Toilet


Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Toilet & Cold Outdoor Shower

Balingup Community Centre Toilets

Tantabiddi Boat Ramp Unisex Toilets

Windemere Park Public Toilet

Christchurch Park Public Toilets

Beach Toilets and Cold Shower

Newdegate Shower & Public Toilets

Free Indoor Toilets

Free Indoor Showers & Toilets

Toilet And Cold Showers

Beach Toilet and Drinking Water Tap

Public Toilets

Public Toilets & Cold Indoors Showers

Public Toilets and Cold Shower

Water Tank & Rubbish Disposal

Water Point For Travellers

Great Toilets Non-Potable Water At Oval

Public Toilets & SINK FOR DISHES

Marina - Cold Shower & Toilets

Dowerin Public Toilets/Showers

Public Toilet

Public Toilets 24hrs

Esperance Dump Point

Many Peaks Community Centre

Water Fountain

Public Toilet

Water Tap at MTB Park Shelter

Mount Magnet Swimming Pool

Public Toilet

Public Toilet



Public Toilets

York War Memorial Aquatic Centre

Toilets & Drinking Fountain

Esperance Free Outdoor Solar Showers

Public Toilets in Mitchell Park

Public toilets at Memorial Garden

Free Hot Shower

Public Toilets

Free Outdoor Shower & Toilets

Hopetoun Public Toilets With Cold Showers


Hot Shower

Public Toilet

Public Toilets & Cold Showers

Hot Showers At BP Petrol Station

Public Toilets

Public Toilets - Port Denison Jetty

Unisex Toilets

Water Tap & Shower

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Narrogin Toilet Stop

Public Toilets at Jetty + Outdoor Shower


Toilets and cold shower

Public Toilets

Public Toilets & Cold Showers

Public Toilets On Gallery

Free Hot Shower (at SLSC)


Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Indoor cold showers

Public Toilets



Toilets Close To Shade Parking

Public Toilet

Uncle Mark

Water tap in park by BBQ

Public Toilets

Swimming Pool - FREE! Open Summer Season

Public Toilets Wagin

Tap water In Park across from Bank West

Toilet Only (Shower Removed)


Public Toilet

Seabird Toilets And Scenic View

Public Toilet

Toilet And Water

Paid Showers at Caltex Port Hedland

Paid Showers & Free Toilets

Public Toilet

Taps Have Salt Water

Public Talking Toilets

Outdoor Cold Showers And Toilets


Public Toilets - Behind Supper Room Art Gallery

Cold Indoor Showers

Mills Park with Public Toilet

Toilets 24 Hour

Public Toilets And Showers (at Mobil Fuel)

Water Bubblers

Dumbleyung Rest Area with Public Toilets

Hyden Public Toilets

Caltex Station

Salmon Gums Amenities

Free Indoor Hot Shower & Toilet

Toilet & Cold Showers Inc Indoor

Public Toilets Rottnest Island

Toilet and view point, easy parking

Drinking Water

Day Toilets - water taps (easy access)

Free Indoor Cold Showers & Toilets

Public Toilets Shackleton

Indoor Cold Shower & Toilets (6am - 7pm)

Public Toilets at Village Green

Public Toilets

Public Toilet And Shower

Ningaloo Coral Bay Bayview Hot Shower $3 24/06/18

Public Toilets

Public Toilets (7am-7pm)

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets in White Gum Park

Water At Fish Cleaning Table

Public Toilets

Kambalda Swimming Pool

Public Toilets

Pingrup Public Toilets

Pelican Point Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Toilets And Showers - Churchill Park

Playground, Toilets, Water Tap, Cold Shower

Public Toilets & Outdoor Cold Shower

Hot ($4) or free Cold Showers, Public Toilets

Public Toilet, Outdoor Shower, Drinking Fountain

Public Toilets

Public Toilets and Park

Public Toilets behind Tourist Centre

Public Toilets - limited hours

Cold Shower/toilet (not open To Public)

Public Toilet and Reserve

Public Toilets

Two Foreshore Cafe - Hot Shower

Bundegi Beach Public Toilet

$3 Shower Info Center

Public Toilets

Toilet/Shower Block And Beach Entry

Public Toilets

Public Toilets and Swan River

Drinking Water Fountain

Public Toilets

Public Toilets & Cold Outdoor Showers

Public Toilets Rockingham Beach

Drinking Water

Public Toilets near Playground

Toilets & Outdoor Shower - Twilight Beach

Rocky Point Public Toilets & Shower

Public Toilets

Public Toilets With Manual Flush

Water Fountain

Silver Sands Beach

BBQ & Showers

Toilets & Outdoor Shower

Public Toilets, Cold Shower Outside

Public Toilets & Cold Shower

Outdoor Shower, Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilet - Limited Hours

Grace Darling Beach Outdoor Shower, Tap

Public Toilet and Water Tap

Public Toilets at Town Hall

Toilet House Melaleuca Beach

Peppermint Grove Beach Public Toilets

Roe Public Toilets

Botanic Garden Toilets and Car Park

Bovell Public Toilets

Saw Avenue Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Johanna Whitely Park Toilets & Water Fountain

Toilets & Water - Fitzroy Crossing Rec Centre

Public Toilet - Snell's Park

Toilets & Outdoor Cold Shower - Town Beach

Public Toilets, Walkaway

Toilets & Water Tap Wellington Dam

Public Toilets

Perenjori Pull In Bay

Public Toilets

Donnybrook Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Toilets - Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Floreat Toilets And Showers

Public Toilets

Goomalling Public Toilets

Hot Showers & Toilets



Public Toilet

Public Toilet

Beacon Toilets

New Toilets

Toilet - Billiburning Rock

Toilet - Beringbooding Rock


Toilets Next To Radcliffe Park

Drinking Water Tap And Fountain

Coolgardie Showers & Bbq Area Truck Stop

Railway Water Tap

Hot Indoor Shower

Nyabing Toilets

Drop Toilets And Beach Access

Outdoor Showers And Toilet

Drinking Warer Fountain

Info Centre Water Tap

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Toilet Block

Port Toilet

Arthur River Community Hall Toilets

Rubik's Cubes Toilets

Brads Tap

Toilet & Water Tap


Toilet Block

BP Hot Showers

Public Toilets

Water Tap At Shell

Public Toilets

AMPOL Fuel Station - Showers & Water


Roebuck BP Road House

Broome Recreation Aquatic Centre

Off Road Toilets and Showers

Drinking Water Fountain And Tap

BP Truckstop O/Night Parking

Point Billie Bore Water

Public Toilets And RV Parking

Hand Pump Bore

Geraldton Aquarena

Toilets Public And Playground

Showers and Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Coles Express Shell Servo ($ showers)

Free Public Toilet

Talking Public Toilet and Parkland


Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Bore And Tank

Cervantes Community Recreation Centre

Scarborough Beach toilet and showers

Ocean Reef Boat Harbour, Public Toilets

Water Tap

Apex Park and Lake Weerlara



Public Toilets

Zig Zag Cultural Centre Showers

Showers, Toilets And Tables

Federation Park

Leinster Shopping Centre Toilet

Fitzroy crossing Swimming Pool

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Beach Shower

Water Fountain & Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Moora RV Park

Toilets & Water Sinks

Public Toilet

Exeloo Public Toilet

Woolies Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Toilets and Beach Showers

Indoor Cold Shower and Toilets

Hot Showers 24/7

Toilets and outside showers

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Town Square Public Toilets

Library and Art Gallery Toilets

Piesse Park Public Toilets

Water Fountain At Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilet Shower Not Working

Servo Shower

Meelup Beach Public Toilet

Water Tap

Walmsley Pavilion Side Of Dump

Paltridge Memorial Swimming Pool


Mallee Memorial Park

Outdoor shower and water tap

Redgate Carpark Toilets

Beach Shower

Ferguson Hall Public Toilets

Denmark Community Resource Center

Public Toilets & Beach Shower

Beach Shower

Ampol / Caltex

Tap And Drinking Fountain

Shell Servo

Ampol Service Station (Free Hot Showers)

Public Toilets Only

Capricorn Roadhouse - Water Tap


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