Water facilities in Victoria

Shell Starthmerton

Drinkwater Taps

Visitor Information Centre

Lions Park

Water Tap

Public Toilet At Jan Juc Carpark

Public Toilet

Free Showers

Water Fill & Public Toilet

All Gender Public Toilets

Water Tap And Toilets

Victoria Park

Public Toilet

Water Point

Russell Square

Forest Creek Historic Gold Digging

Potable Water

Green Hill Lake

Water Refill

Water And Toilets

Free Hot Shower in Hawthorn Aquatic Centre

Apex Park

Jeparit Water Point

Water Tap

Water Tap

Water tap

Water Tap

Shire Of Rosedale Tap

Cranbourne Tennis Club

Public Toilets


Water Tap at Park

Water Behind Fence

Water tap

Ouyen Community Pool

Public Toilet

Atkinson Park

Water Tap (Hose Accessable)

Kennington Reservoir

Public Toilet Water Tap

Mount Duneed Community Hall

Ampol Northbound

Toilets & Water Tap

Ampol Service Station

Heathcote Public Toilets

Public Toilets Main Beach

Toilets, Water Tap

Bells Toilets And Cold Shower

Seaspray Water Tap

Public Toilet

Caramut fuel 24/7

Mernda Adventure Playground

Ampol Water Tap

Lions Park

Water Tap

Drinking Water Fontain

Water Facility

Public Toilet, Water Tap & Outdoor Shower

Shower and Toilets

Glenys Van Dorssen

Public Toilets

Water Tap at Nichols Point Reserve

Williamston Beach Shower

Coulson Gardens

Alexandra Swimming Pool

Water Tap Opposite General Store

BP Truck Stop Showers

Toilets. 3 Flushing

Water Tap And Toilet

Dunkeld Outdoor swimming pool

Gembrook Park

Bore Water Tap

Public Toilet In Shopping Centre

Water Tap

BP Gas Station

BP GARAGE ask To Use

Public Water

Toilet Block

Powercor Building

Water Tap At Playground

Ampol Charlton

Water Tap On Kelpie Trail

Tap On Public Shower

Sports Field

Public WC

BP Servo

Colac Showground


Potable Water Tap

Dromana Foreshore

Free Hot Showers

Water Tap At Museum

Water Tap

Luke Park Drinking Water

Water Tap Reeve Landing

Water Tap

Stream Train

BP With Water Tap

Public Bathroom

Public Toilet

Uebergang Oval

Shrader Park Playground

Water Tap at Sports Ground

Lake Boga Lake Parkland

Public Toilet And Hot Shower

Cold Shower

Free Hot Showers

Public Toilets And Outdoor Showers

Free cold indoor showers

Red Kangaroo Roadhouse

Mount Martha Beach (Cold Shower)

Amenity Rooms (Free Showers)

MC KC Clarks Water Tap At Merbein

Free Refill Filtered Water

Public Toilets

Jerusalem Creek Marina

Ouyen Hot Shower & Toilets

Public Toilets

Hot Showers & Toilets

Public Toilet Gladysdale Hall

Hot Shower/free Toilets

Public Toilets And Drinking Water

Lorne Baths, Public Toilets and Cold Showers

4min Hot Showers

Cold Indoor Shower & Boat Ramp

Dartmoor Natural Spring Water

Public Toilets Cold Showers

Filtered Water Refill Station

Fresh Water Tap -Edenhope Public Toilets

Avenel Roadhouse - Hot Shower

Seville Water Park

Viaduct Road Toilet & Cold Showers

Eastern Beach Sea Baths FREE Hot Showers till 10am


Portland Foreshore Cold Outside Showers

Free Cold Public Shower And Toilets

Bus Stop Public Toilet - Irymple

Facilities @ Robinvale Leisure Centre

Smythesdale Roadhouse.

Warrnambool Surf Life Saving Club

Shower $5 - Roadhouse

Public Toilets & Hot Showers for free

Toilet Block

Moe Toilets & EV Charging Stations

Library At The Dock

L/D Toilet Block

Foreshore Park Public Toilets and Showers

Water Fountain & Village Sqaure

Water bottle fill station

Water Tap

Small Park With Fountain & Water Tap And Table

Free Cold Outdoor Shower

Swimming Pool

Apex Park Shower

Water Tap, Toilets And Caravan Parking

Euroa Toilets / BBQ / Historical Museum

4min Hot Shower

Aquatic Centre- Hot Showers & Water Tap

Mooroopna War Memorial Swimming Pool

Mildura Waves Aquatic Centre


Free Hot Showers

Public Toilets



Bald Hill Park

Hot Shower & Water Tap next to Fishing Club

The Old Police Station/Lockup & Water Tap

Swan Hill Info Bay

Yea Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets Behind Hall

Swimming Pools (Shower $7)

Hawkesdale Swimming Pool

Poowong Outdoor Pool

Melbourne Free Public Toilet

Free Cold Showers

Cold Shower Inside Toilet Block

Public toilets (locked at night)

Splash Water Park Wangaratta


Public Toilets

Public Toilets Near Sportsground

Free Cold Shower

Bbq, Public Toilets & $6 Hot Shower

Public Toilet

Public Toilet

Water Tap Outside Toilets

Community Toilets

Public Toilet

Newsom Street Toilets

Water Taps

Public Toilets

Aquatic Center

Public Toilets

Free Public Toilets

Toilet & Shower 3min=1$

Stawell Leisure Complex

Toilets and Water Bottle Refill Point

Public Toilets

Publc Toilets

George Woods Reserve Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Hot Showers Aquatic Centre

Daylesford Central Springs

Tap, Drinking Fountian & Toilets

DRINKING WATER TAP & Toilet (Penders Park)

Public Toilet (Street access)

Push Bike Storage & Showers / Toilets


Baddaginnie Public Toilet

Yarra Recreational Facility Swimming Pool

Hot Shower For $5 p/person

Public Toilets

Eildon Public Swimming Pool

Water Fountain And Tap At Community Hall

Public Toilet

Bike Trail Carpark & Toilets

Public toilets

Carpark & Public Toilet

Toilets & Inside Shower ( Cold)

Cold Indoor Shower


Parking (free All Day) & Water Tap

Hot Shower Free Wifi

WAVES Public Swimming Pool And Hot Showers

Public Toilets

Drinking Water Tap - Albert Park Soccer Club

Filtered water Fountian at info board

Kyneton Public Toilets Kyneton Reserve

Water $5 for 10 Litres

Toners Lane Reserve.

Public Toilets 24hr

Water & Parking

Public Toilets

Jack Hort Memorial Indoor Pool

Filtered Water Tap


Outdoor Cold Shower

Public Toilets

Cohuna Swimming Pool

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Water Tap & Public Toilet 24/7

Agnes Bereton Reserve Toilets

Toilets, Drinking Water

Toilets & Cold Shower

Bellarine Aquatics And Sports Center


Swimming Pool

Drinking Fountian Woori Yallock Station-Rail Trail

Toilets With Room for Caravans

Water Tap - Anzac Memorial Park

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Hot Shower at Phillip Island Leisure Center

Leisure Pool Center - $3 Hot Showers

Drinking Water Tap

Wood Wood Public Laundromat (in Caravan Park)

Toilet & Parking For Caravan And Motorhomes

Public Toilets & BBQ Area


Drinking Water Tap

Coronation Park RV Tap

Toilets - The Wall - Winton Wetlands

Showers At Shell

Drinking Water Tap at side of Scout Hall


Water Tap For Bottles

Newport Community Hub Hot Showers

Yea Public Pool

Public Toilet

Public Toilet

Water Tapand Parking

24 Hrs Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Ballan Mineral Spring Reserve

Public Toilets

Public Toilets - Lakes Plaza

Drink Bottle Refill Station

Public Free Hot/Cold Shower

Healesville Outdoor Pool

Public Toilets

Cold Shower

Cobram Swimming Pool

Public Toilet and Free Shower

Public Toilets - Sassafras Creek Tourist Trek

Moe Outdoor Pool

Tap at Showgrounds

Cobram Showgrounds Taps

Public Toilet With HOT Showers - Open 24/7

Public Toilet

Public Toilet at Memorial Gardens

Jamieson Public Toilet

Whittlesea Swim Centre

Macarthur Public Swimming Pool (Seasonal)

Public Toilets Behind Town Hall

Hamilton Indoor Leisure And Aquatic Centre

Self Serve Ice & Water - Northern Ice Supplies

Public Unisex Toilets (24/7)

Water Tap & Public Toilet 24hr

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Leckie Park Upper Hot Showers

Bottle Water Refilling Station

Public Toilet

Water Tap & Picnic Bbq

Water Tap & Public Toilets

­Public Toilets Gordon

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Drink Fountain

Public Toilets Maiden Gully

Public Toilets & Water

Water Tap

Public Toilets - No Fill Point

Toilets opp Playground

Public Toilet in front of City Duty Free

Campaspe Lions Park

Gospel Car Park Public Toilets

Cold Shower and Drinking Water Tap

Public Toilets

Costerfield Public Toilet - NO OVERNIGHT

Echuca Moama Toilets

Trig Track Water Hole

Water Tap Edge Of Park

Public Toilets - Street Parking

Hot Showers

Public Toilets

Dennington Reserve Water Tap and Toilets

Filtered Water Tower Tap

Drinking Water with Tap

Hovel Street Public Toilets at Parkland

Corryong Swimming Pool

Water Tap, Playground Tylden Hall

Public Toilets and Outdoor Showers

Water Tap outside Info Centre

Nicholson Rail Trail

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets and Beach Parking

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Latrobe Leisure Morwell

Latrobe Leisure Churchill Pool and Gym

Public Toilets Drouin

Bicycle And Traveller Hub

Ballarat Aquatic Center

Meredith Sports Ground Public Toilets

Kings Park Public Toilet

Water Tap and Public Toilets

$5 Showers at National Hotel

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Apex Park Toilets

Cohuna Water Tap

Kerang Public Toilets

Water Tap

Meredith Information Centre Toilets

Skate & Water Park Creswick

Public Toilet

Koomba Park Water Fountain

Dandenong Creek Bike Trail Water Tap

Shower & Toilets

Prince St Toilets

Public Toilets & Water Tap

Public toilet

Toilet and Tap

Water Tap - Paterson Park

Drinking Water & Toilets

Water Tap / Toilet / Park

Public Toilets And Hot Shower

Free private shower

Information Center

Hopetoun Drinking Water Tap

Public Toilets Welshpool Memorial Park

Water Tap and Walking Trail

Toilets - Freshwater Creek Community Hall

Water Fountain and Tap

Drinking Water

Heywood Olympic Swimming Pool

Queenscliff Marina Hot Showers

Public Toilets, Water Station And Picnic Area

Daylesford Olympic Swimming Pool

Water Fountain

Water Tap

Wangarata Aquatic Centre

Water Taps

Public Toilets & Tap

Bass Coast Drinking Station

Water @ Surfside Holiday Park

Sir Isaac Park - Toilets

Toilets & Showers - Anglesea Point Roadknight

Showers & Toilets - Nolens Park

Fish Weight Station

Ampol Tallarook Toilets And Shower

Water Tap At Fountain

Fuel Station

Tap On Side Of Daylesford Soccer Club Clubrooms

Potable Water

Apex Park - Drinking Water Tap

Water Point

Public Toilet And Drink Tap

Hamilton Public Toilets

Toilets & Tap Breakwater Reserve

Public Toilets

Water Tap

Public Toilet

Invergordon Recreation Reserve Toilets

Public Toilet

Woolsthorp Public Toilets

Manangatang Water Tap

Toilets With Power Point

Water Refill

Water Tap Elmore Miniature Railway

Drinking Fountain And Bottle Refill

Kings Park Water Tap

Water Tap - Berringa Community Hall

Disabled Toilet

Toilets And Rest Area

Public Toilet

Timboon Toilets

Potable Water

Lake Bolac Recreation Reserve Playground

Public Toilets And Picnic Area

Tap at Forrest Park

Toilets And Water

Fitness Centre Showers

Disabled Toilet/Free Hot Shower

Mansfield Botanic Gardens

Burke And Wills Mechnics Institute

Tap near O'Keeffe Rail Trail

Kennedy Park

Drinking Fountain

Cold Shower

Lismore Tap

Soccer Club

Dunlop Lane Public Toilets

Water fountain and bottle refill- Rose garden

Potable Water Tap

Public Toilets

Drinking Fountain Gully Tennis Club

Inglewood Park

Tap & Fire Themed Dog Bowl

Public Toilets

Potable Water Tap

Boort Showgrounds Dump Point

Toilets And Skate Park

Water Tap Park

John Deere Water Point

Public Toilet

Public Toilets - Warracknabeal

Community Gardens Water Point

Toilets And Free Hot Showers

Water Fountain And Dog Bowl

Free Cold Shower

United 24

Harrow Public Toilets

Harrow Recreation Reserve-DisabledToilets/Showdrs

Balmoral Recreation Reserve

Serviceton Park

Public Toilet and Shower

Mitre Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets/hot Shower Picnic Area

Public Toilets/hot Shower

Potable Water And Dump Station

Water Tap

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Toilet And Hot Shower

Campground Water Tap

Caramut toilets

Water Tap

Richards Swimming Pool Leisure Centre

Free Hot Shower & Toilets @ Cafe On Karinie

Swan Hill Train Station Public Toilets

Public Toilets with Showers

Potts Village Green

Water Tower Gardens Toilets

Public Toilets And Phone Tower Climb

Toilet Block with Mural

Red Cliffs Peacewalk water tap

Tap at Lions Club Park

Kyabram Transit Area- Public Toilets

Drinking Fountain & Public Toilets

Quinn St Public Toilets

Newman Square Public Toilets

Park Toilets

Tap And Outdoor Shower

Drinking Water Tap

#1 Campbell St Laundromat

Water Tap & Public Toilet


Glengarry Public Toilets & Picnic Area

Victoria Hotel

Water Behind Toilets

Water Tap - Chatfield Reserve

Public Toilets

Jubilee Lake Mineral Springs

Free Unlimited Hot Shower

Beechworth Car Wash

Drinking Water

Public Toilets

Water Tap

Water Tap at Showground (park Next Door)

Water Tap

Ampol Truck Stop

FREE Showers @ United Servo

Drinking Water Tap

Kenny Park Reserve

Fitzroy River Bridge Water Taps

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Water Station And Info Board

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets & Drinking Fountain

Benambra Public Hall Reserve Public Toilets

Water Station, Picnic Area And Jetty

Water Fountain

Wharf Toilets

Water Tap

Tap & Toilet at Hall

Warburton Rail Trialhead Water Refill Station

Water Fountain for Walk Ups Only

Water Tap

Kinglake Public Toilets

Misty Mountain Laundromat Kinglake

Public Toilets

Toilets & Tap at Newtown Park

Bellbrae Cemetery Water Tap & Toilets

Water Tap and Toilets

Barwon Heads Village Park Reserves

Steeles Rock Boat Ramp & Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Lots of Water Taps

Water Tap- A.W. Hodgetts Reserve

Water Tap & Public Toilet with Cold Showers

Day Use Rest Stp

Sorrento Museum, Toilets & Memorial Gardens

Public Toilets And Park

Water Tap and Toilets

Kester Kitchen Park

Loch Public Toilets

Leongatha Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Water Tap

Public Toilet And Outdoor Cold Shower

Public Toilets & Picnic Area

Potable Water

Drinking Fountain

Water Tap & Public Toilets

Water Tap, Picnic Tables & Info Board

Water Tap at disused petrol station

Rawson Public Toilets & Hot Showers

Yellingbo Public Toilets

Water Fountain

Seville Water Station Site

Public Toilet Hazledene

Bolinda Public Toilets

Gilles St Public Toilets

Montgomery Street Public Toilets Skipton

Water Refill Station

Soda Mineral Springs- Hepburn Springs

Sutton No. 1 Mineral Springs

Sulpher Mineral Springs- Hepburn

Wyuna Mineral Springs- Hepburn

Argyle Mineral Springs-Hepburn

Leitches Creek Mineral Spring

Woolnough's Crossing Mineral Spring

Golden Mineral Spring

Locarno Mineral Springs-Hepburn

Spargo Creek Mineral Spring Reserve

Blackwood Toilets With Tap And Picnic Area

Soda Spring

Mineral Spring

Public Toilets

Lawson Mineral Spring

Jim Paull Mineral Springs

Public Toilets & Picnic/Rest Area

Toilets, Swimming Pool

Water Tap & Information

Granite Public Toilet

Stanley Toilets & Water Tap

Water Refill Station

Public Toilets & Water Taps

Water Station

Fig Tree Park

Acacia Toilets

Accomdation Transfer Station (ATS) Toilets

Pelican Park/Splash Fountain

Toilets & Tap @ Dartmouth Hotel

Public Toilets

Belbridge Toilets, Boat Ramp & Picnic Area

Public Toilets

Public toilets

Tap at Mystic Flight Park Toilets

Information Rotunda

Water tap at Caltex

Water Fountain And Bottle Fill On Fiddlers Green

Water Fountain And Bottle Fill

Show Grounds Tap

Kilcunda Foreshore Reserves Water Point

Mussel Rock Point picnic area

Sagasser Park In Toora

Tap At Yarram Rec Reserve Oval

Water Tap

Water Tap

Sailors Falls Mineral Spring

Corryong Lookout rotunda tap

Water Tap

Tap, Toilets & Cold Shower

High Street Toilets

Public Toilets

Clunes Swimming Pool, Toilets & Recreation Res

Childrens Play Park Car Park

Potable Water Tap

Free Drinking Water

Portland Bay Local Port Public Toilet

Whitfield Recreation Reserve

Belfast Swimming Pool

Drinking Water Tap @ Caltex

Public Toilets

Water Refill And Public Toilet

Shower At Hungry Jacks - Store Open Till 8.30pm

Playground & Water

Public Toilets

Water Taps & Fountains And Water Refill Statio

Water Refill Station

Disabled Toilet

2 X Water Taps Along Walking Track

Water Tap At Giant Murray Cod

Wonga Park Toilets & Playground

Water Taps at Showgrounds

Inglewood Recreation Reserve

Water Tap

Warburton Rail Trail Launching Place Water Station

Water Tap - Seville Rec Res3

Public Toilets

Public Toilet

Public Toilets & Tap

Pirate Park

Howard Norman Reserve

Public Toilets

Memorial Square

Sassafras Village Green

Water Tap

Water Tap at Football Oval

Hot Showers

Water Taps Charlie Miley Reserve

Public Toilets


Bass Coast Rail Trail Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets & Newhavan Jetty

Public Toilets

Tap & Drinking fountain at Riverside park

Tap at Tawonga Memorial Hall

Public Toilets

Tap In Park

Water Refill Station

Water Tap at Bike Wash Bay

Water Tap Behind Toilets

Water Fountain

Outdoor Shower And Drinking Water

Toilets (Locked At Night)

Water Fountain

Red Cliffs Public Toilet

Water Taps At Rec Reserve

Rail Trail Toilet

Woodfield Rail Trail Toilet

Tap at Bruthen Rec Reserve

Water Tap Behind Clubhouse

Public Toilet

Port Melbourne Water Point

Water Tap

The Best Carwash

Boho South Toilets

Pioneer Park

Water Tap at Heyfield Rec Reserve

Public Toilets


Water Tap

Springhurst Public Toilets

Chiltern Racecourse Toilets

Westfield Reserve

Tap at Apex Park

Water Tap

Tap at Railway Park

BP Service Station

Taps at Rec Reserve

Water tap at Bendigo Bank

Water Tap To Fill Up Caravan

Tap Behind Football club

Public Toilets

Drinking Water

Public Toilets

Rotary Park Toilets

Hamilton Saleyards Showers

Strathmerton Public Hall Water Taps

Public Toilets

War Memorial Fountain Taps


Bulleke Bek Park

Brighton Beach Box South End

Tap Next To Park

Water Tap & Picnic Area

Water Refill And Barbecues

Public Toilets

Yacht Club

Shed Stand Tap



Water Tap At Public Toilets

Water Tap

Water Tap In Cussons Park

Tap In Lions Park

Merriwa Park Water tap

Tap in park

Tap For Water

Water Fill Point

Public Toilets

Water Fountain

United Service Station

Mivo Park

Public Toilet

Water Facility

Tap in Reserve

Taps at BBQ Shelter

Tap at Forty Oval

Tap at Sports Park

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Tap at Sporting Ground

Water Tap & Fountain

Aireys Inlet Playground

Community Park and VLINE bus Stop.

Victory Park & Public Toilets

24hr Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Public Toilets

Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve

Hot Shower In Public Toilets Of Pinguin Parade

Public Toilets

Water At The Campsite

Water Station & Nature Playground

Cold Shower Outside

Public Toilets

Bairnsdale Mall Toilet

Water Station, Skate Park & Playground

East Cape Beach

Water Tap

Water Facility

Water Tap

Water Fill Up

Fluoride Free Water Machine

Water Tap

Water Tap

Toonalook Amateur Fishing Club

Toilet Block With Shower & Camp Kitchen

Dimboola Oval Water Tap

Public Toilet near Tennis Facility

Booran Reserve Playground

Public Toilets At Pier

StArnaud Public Toilet

Public Toilets

Port Campbell Information Centre

Public Toilets


Dargo Public Hall

Quarries Park Toilet

Public Toilets

Water Tap

Water Point

Hot showers 5$ in camping park

Hot showers in indoor swimming pool

Tooborac Hall Public Toilets

Free Water

Petrol Station With Accessible Watertap

Water Tap

Water Tap

Potable Water, Yea Information Centre

Water Tap Next To Bbq

Meredith Interpretive Centre

Water Facitlty At Dump Point

Public Toilets

St Helens Public Showers And Toilets

Hard Hill Reserve

Phllip Island Football Ground

Water Point - Showgrounds

AJ Gilsenan Reserve

Water Tap On Side Of Railway Station Building

Redbank Public Toilet

Public Toilets & Water Bottle Station

Rotary Picnic Area Tap

Hastings Lions Club Bbq Area

Public Toilets

Nullawarre Public

Bunnings Warehouse

Horseham Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Water Tap at Park

Scheme Water Tap

Graham Park

Water Fountain/tap

Elmore Sation Reserve

Broadmeadows Aquatic and Leisure Centre


Water Tap

Public Toilets & Showers

Bairnsdale Aquatic Centre

Sparrow Park Toilet

Water Fountain

Bottle Refill Station

Public Toilets

Yarra River Walking Track Car Park

Boat Ramp Carpark

Moe Laundromat

Elcho Park

Tap.ne T To.road

Tap In Park

Tap Next To Road

BP customers Hot Shower

Red Cliffs Swimming Pool

Public Toilet

Millgrove Rest Area

Ampol Halls Gap

Water Tank Fill Tap

Water Tap/ Lots of KANGAROOS!!

Seymour Park

Public Toilets

Belmont Dog Park, Drinking Tap& Toilets

Water Tap

Mick Baum Park

Toilets And Carpark

Ampol Fuel Station

Tap With Drinking Water (need Tap Key)

Public Toilet

Mentone Oval

Tap & Toilets at Ebden Reserve

Glenorchy Memorial Hall

Victoria Park 24 Hr Public Toilets

Tap at Trentham Railway station

Japex Park Public Toilets

Public toilets

Potable Water


Terang Swimming Pool

Public Toilets


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