Paroo River, Eulo


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Bulloo Developmental Rd, Eulo, Queensland


Free bush camping area on either side pf the Paroo River, walking distance from the town of Eulo. There are picnic tables scattered around the area. TV and Telstra phone reception is available. There are no toilet facilities at this site. If you do not have your own toilet, bury human waste at least 100m from tracks and water bodies. Bury toilet paper or bag and dispose of in a bin once you leave the site. It is accessible to motorbikes, RVs, camper trailers, caravans and big rigs. Camping in tents is allowed. This is a dry weather location only. The area may become muddy, boggy and impassible when wet. Do not damage or cut down trees.

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Lat: -28.161254 Lng: 145.036952

User Reviews


Off 2 See ...

Just beautiful. Very easy walk into the town to support the locals.



Nice free camp on the banks of Paroo River. Plenty of spots to pick from on the western side. Limited number on the east but they are right on the river bank. The Euro general store is well stocked and very neat and clean



Very very lovely. Peaceful.


User 1143375

For those that do not know the local rubbish dump is out east past the police station. If you want to drop it off there it is helpful to the town bins and the town caretaker. Rubbish is a universal problem so every bit of help to dispose of it correctly is helpful.


Nicki & Matt

Lovely campsites along the banks of the river. Busy but we found a nice private spot with a view. Glad the caravan park at the pub in town was booked out as this is better anyway, just had to get out the porta potti as no toilets but there are public toilets back in town that were nice.


User 1660547

Great spot to camp. Public toilets in town are nice & clean. Plenty of bins in town to dump your rubbish.



Grey nomads going crazy with chainsaws chopping down trees!!! Plenty of stuff on the ground. About 8 vans parked together on roadside blocking tracks out to river!! Lots of people travelling. Be considerate of others!!!


User 1143375

Who cuts down live trees for wood to burn on their camp fires? Check out around the paroo river camp site! Chain saws out in force. There is lots of dead wood around so please be courteous and respectful


User 2376671

A free camp by the river. Had tried to get into the pub but was full with heaps of vans heading mostly to the Big Bash. Publican not very friendly and needs a lesson in courtesy. We got to stay on the Paroo River instead. A beautiful spot with lots of beautiful birds. Everyone was friendly and we had a great night sleep. In the end a much better choice.



Heaps of vans here overnight. Most moved on this morning. We stopped on the western side of the bridge.

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