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1 Main St, Cradock 5432, South Australia

(08) 8648-4107


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Lat: -32.069974 Lng: 138.493604

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Cradock Hotel

Gday everyone! Just a quick one, we will be closing from the 20th December 2019 until the 27th feb 2020 for some more renovations and a much needed break! Sorry for any inconvenience, see you all in the newyear Cheers Cradock hotel



So wonderful! BIG recommend. We're vegan and the chef rustled up a really great vegan burger for us, which has been a rare thing round the outback. Really lovely establishment, such clean facilities and the toilets are so nice and 24/7 accessible - thanks so much and good luck to you.



Good spot. Large dirt bowl out the back with not too many and not too few people - just right. Watch for some broken glass scattered around some sections though. Ate and drank at the pub... was good and the fire was warm. The shower system is the worst we had around all of Australia (not that they do not work as they are kind of new but the fee vs timer is all kind of wrong. I know, I know water is scarce but its also just as scarce in many other places too. Forget exactly what it cost but it was like $3 for the first 3 or 5 minutes then $1 per top-up minute thereafter. Problem is the first 3-5 minutes is more like 1 minute and the top-up did not work at all. Had to stop the water - freeze - then start all over again 1 minute at a time).



Free camp out the back if you buy a couple of beers but do yourself a favour and have a feed. The best pub feed of had, everything homemade with quality ingredients thanks to Bluey the chef. Star very friendly and accommodating and a few bucks for great shower highly recommend


Norm 14

A great night great meals all the best dickie


User 1965527

3 truck drivers, 1 retired truck driver,1 French polisher, 2 escorts, 2 jill of all trades, 1 ex air force, A cook And a bar attendant. All sitting in a pub around the fire..... What a great place to stay. We booked a room with breakfast and it was faboulous. Well worth a stop.


Peter Howelll

Great night had the pork He done Reno since last there 12 mths Kids playground watch out for croc New dinnning room looks great


User 1609842

Worth a stopover. Can stay around back if you buy a beer or something at the pub. Facilities are very nice Good scenery to Cheers Cradock


User 426853

Great stop,great people and meals amazing. Will be back.



Recommend! Young guy fell in love with local girl so he bought pub so he could be with her! Richard is amazing and doing brilliant job! Rooms to let, meals and west end and great northern on tap duke box and very friendly! $5 hot shower! Camp out back with toilets! Or leave van to explore. Excellent!

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