Bunda Cliffs Campground


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Camp out under the stars in Nullarbor Wilderness protection area. Where the vast landscape meets the sea at Bunda Cliffs you can enjoy views spanning the coastline. There are no facilities. Take all rubbish with you and leave no trace. The area is exposed. There is no shade and it can be very windy. Dogs are not permitted in this park.

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Lat: -31.573742 Lng: 130.276941

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User 2221098

Nice spot if not windy . Otherwise a sandblasting place



Pretty amazing place to camp for a night or two with spectacular views right on the cliffs edge. A little difficult to spot the entrance it's quite narrow. Make sure you park away from the edge, it's always best to be safe. Need to be self contained as there are no facilities. Leave the site clean and take all rubbish with you. Yes even your toilet paper. Not a perfect place for tents but I'm pretty sure you could set yourself up in the dunes behind the level rock ledge where the Van's and RVs go.



Spectacular views, very windy but plenty of sheltered parking spots. Entry is not sign posted


Frasers go camping

We drove in today with our roof top tent. It was much too windy to put up the tent but views were awesome. Great spot if you have a Caravan.


Couches Counting Stars

Amazing place if you can pull up in a van, even behind the dunes was too windy & we couldn't get a peg in the hard rocky ground, swags seemed to manage. Would def have stayed but went east to cook Rd camp ground & found shade, softer ground for pegs & a little less wind


User 2194410

Best campground I have ever stayed at no facilities but wow that view at sunrise. Nothing beats it. No phone reception. 1A Tent 2WD



Didn't stay as it was too early in the day. But it's good to note that there are few sand hills that you could camp behind, as well as right on the cliff. So it might be an ok spot to stop for the night if you are worried about the wind .


Comin Ta Geatches Straya

Absolutely stunning!!! Great photo opportunity. Wasn't too windy.



Stayed here last night, great spot!! Unfortunately there was too much cloud cover to see the sunset or sunrise but the view was still spectacular.


Brownie 13

Stayed 2 nights near the cliffs. Great spot and spectacular views. Pretty windy and flies very friendly .

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